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Progressive Whole Body Physiotherapy To Resolve Persistent Pain

Brighton Physiotherapy:
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Physiotherapist Brighton

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Celebrating 20 Years In Business

Brighton Physiotherapy: The Whole Body Approach To Physiotherapy

Here at Brighton Physiotherapy we specialise in persistent pain. By physiotherapy definition that is pain that has been around for more than 6 weeks. In other words, it’s not getting better and it’s annoying! We believe that taking a whole body approach is the most effective way to clear you of that infuriating long standing pain.

But before we can build this whole body picture as to why your pain is not going away we need to check to ensure there is no actually damage. We apply appropriate physiotherapy tests to make sure nothing’s broken, strained or sprained to give you the foundations to be able to move on from your pain.

Brighton Physiotherapist Injuries
Physiotherapist Brighton

If your injury has been around longer than 6-12 weeks then, physiologically, there is nothing to heal. The tissues have repaired. This is reassuring. But, why does it still hurt?

This is where our whole body approach to physiotherapy comes into its own and is producing life-changing results for many who have ‘tried other treatment before but it just didn’t sort it.’

We specialise in those nagging, lingering injuries that just won’t go away. Whether they’ve been around for months or even years, the same principles apply:

Prolonged pain is often the result of movement patterns which we refer to as ‘sub-optimal’. These movement patterns can start following an injury or they can just evolve over time and end up leading to pain. This happens whether we are aware of the compensations or not. What we do is help identify these patterns and work with you to change them to bring you out of pain.

For example, we might prefer to sit on the side of the sofa that gives us less pain, shortening the muscles on the painful side, with all sorts of knock-on effects. Or an old ankle sprain affecting how we walk, leading to lower back pain. Or whiplash or other traumatic injury manifesting as pain in your right buttock… Who knew?

And all the events, pressures and influences in our lives that leave us more anxious and tense than we realise, causing all sorts of lingering aches and pains. So, we can end up believing that there’s something wrong with our body and the more we believe this, the more it will affect the way we move and how we feel about our body and we get a bit stuck.

And so, the good people of Brighton and beyond who come through our doors with their unique injuries and stories are, at last, being empowered to move freely and without pain through our unique whole body approach to physiotherapy.

Brighton Physiotherapist Mind Body

Identifying the root cause of your pain and systematically treating all the bits that it affects takes longer than your average physiotherapy session: Each session is 90 minutes. And all treatment and rehab plans are 100% bespoke and uniquely designed for each person.

You will have a tailored program of physiotherapy exercises and stretches but we will also bring your attention to how you move, sit and live your life. And in helping you to be more aware of all aspects of mind and body, you will start to feel more empowered to improve your quality of life.

And this is where a Physiotherapist (Mark Gilmore) and a Sports Therapist (Jamie Webb) have come to with a combined 38 years’ experience in the industry.

Of course this whole body approach is nothing new. We only have to look at yoga and other ancient practices to see that understanding and awareness of the interconnection of all our bits is intrinsic to our well-being. What is new is applying this principle to physiotherapy and this is at the heart of what we do, enabling us to unlock and solve the biomechanical puzzle that is causing you pain.

And don’t just take our word for it – check out our 5 star Google Reviews here.

Shall we get cracking?

To book your first session or to arrange a chat with physiotherapist Mark or sports therapist Jamie please fill out the form opposite or call 01273 921831 9am-5pm weekdays.

If you’d like to understand more about what to expect and how our Whole Body Approach could help you, click on the 9 Physiotherapy Steps To Pain-Free button below.

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Brighton Physiotherapist and Sports Therapist Testimonials

Disclaimer: The testimonials on this page are the opinion of some of our clients. Results to physiotherapy treatment cannot be guaranteed. We can guarantee we’ll be doing everything we can get you back to your best ASAP.

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Our 9 step approach to the world of physiotherapy has been born out of pursuing what felt right, for ourselves and for our clients. We have taken a pioneering journey with our clients, exploring those areas which we felt would give them the best and most consistent results. We have followed in the footsteps of the best physiotherapists and master practitioners from around the world to formulate an open system that implements the best combination of approaches for whoever comes through our doors. Key influences have been:

Professor David Butler

Founder of the NOI Group which researches the practical implications of all the latest pain science research.

Professor Graham Smith

Leading physiotherapist and founder of The Society Of Sports Therapists. His methodology helps us safely test the impact of every technique we use.

Dr Thomas Myers

The king of myofascial release. Author of the pioneering Anatomy Trains which gives us therapists a whole body road map to explain why the cause of pain isn’t where it you feel it.

Douglas Heel

Leading physiotherapist and founder of Be-Activated – a revolutionary approach to immediately improve the way our bodies move.

We are registered and insured with The Society of Sports Therapists and The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists

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