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Look at the whole body, not just the symptoms

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Our physiotherapist and sports therapist use an holistic whole body approach to all conditions to help you recover fully from your condition. This enable us to create bespoke treatment plan post treatment advice specifically for you and your body. This can include:

  • Postural, walking and running assessment
  • Well being advice to help calm the nervous system and so reduce pain levels
  • Stretching and strengthening perhaps of the symptomatic region or more frequently the areas that cause the symptom to be there

A non-exhaustive list below of conditions we can help with is below next to the picture of the associated body part. If you don’t see your condition mentioned here please give us a call to see if we can help. Many of the conditions are clickable and have more in depth articles discussing our approaches to remedying these conditions.

Whole body treatment

Whole Body Conditions


Treatment for arm pain
Treatment for Back Pain


Head And Neck

Treatment for neck pain
Treatment for hip pelvis and glute pain

Hip, Pelvis, Glutes

Treatment for foot leg and ankle pain

Foot, Leg and Ankle


Treatment for shoulder pain