Anxious woman with physical symptoms

Is Your Anxiety Physical Or Emotional?

We’ve been helping people with the physical symptoms of anxiety for many years. Physical pain and anxiety go hand in hand. Anxiety, especially if we have anxiety about a particular condition or body part, needs to be addressed to give us more confidence to get over the condition. This is what we do day in…

Woman does relaxation breathing to help with chronic pain

Does Relaxation Breathing Really Ease Pain?

Breathing is fundamentally the most important part of human existence. Simply put if we don’t breathe for just a few minutes we drop dead. The importance of breathing cannot be overstated on a pure survival level. But what if we told you that the way in which we breathe can ease pain? What if we…

wellbeing tips to reduce pain

Top 24 Wellbeing Tips

Welcome to our ever evolving list of our favourite wellness tips. It comes from our drive to be as good as we can be at helping people feel less pain. Why would a Sports Therapist and a Physiotherapist be so interested in wellbeing? Simply put the more balanced our nervous system, the less pain we…

Deep Front Line Cover

Is This Why You Are In Pain? The Deep Front Line

In this article I’m going to give you some practical tips to improving your injuries and wellbeing. I’m going to be simplifying the complex anatomical theory that is the Anatomy Trains Deep Front Line. And translating that into something useful and digestible for you and your life. I’m going to give you the benefit of…

Mind Body Pain

How To Reduce Pain Using The Mind Body Connection

This article is all about the connection between mind, body and subsequently pain. It’s very much a reflection and my professional and personal journey over the last 20 years as a sports therapist. Working on peoples bodies to bring them out of pain has given me a unique insight into the very real connection between…

Ultimate Guide To Working From Home To Avoid Injury

The Ultimate Guide To Working From Home

Home working is here to stay. We’ve seen so many people in the last year whose physical conditions have been helped by working from home. And just as many whose condition has been brought about or exacerbated by working from home. This article is us sharing our experience of the good practice and bad practices…

Cure Your Insomnia Get More Sleep

How To Get Better Sleep

Most people we see at the clinic simply don’t sleep well. If you don’t sleep it affects your function not least the amount of pain you feel. If you’re in pain, grumpy and feeling lethargic chances are you’re pretty depressed and it’s a long way back from all of these joyous symptoms. Thankfully for you…