I’m a London based Physiotherapist who drives down to Brighton for treatment sessions. Enough said!


I thought physiotherapists would just look at the symptom and not seek the deeper cause, but Brighton Sports Therapy’s holistic approach was a detailed analysis of how one stands in the world and how one finds their feet in the world. Life will affect us on many levels and these guys are trained to go through physical and psychological events that manifest in physical injury.


I first went to see Brighton Sports Therapy about a calf injury. It soon became obvious this was going to be a life changing discovery. The holistic assessment and treatment has really helped me to improve my fitness and health. An old serious leg injury that every other physio has advised was hopelessly damaged is now much improved and I have a much more mobile ankle. I have made and continue to make progress and learning about my physical health has helped me identify the stressors in my life I need to change to become healthier and happier.


Having been to several physio’s over the years I was pleasantly surprised to find that the approach undertaken was more holistic in nature and went above and beyond what I have experienced in treatments previously. For my injury, this involved looking beneath the initial symptoms and delving into both physical and emotional stresses that may have also played their part. The 90 minute appointment system works so much better than a typical appointment as it allows the therapist to work really deeply on the issues, working in harmony with your body rather than providing a textbook treatment.


After having over 10 years of knee pain and seeking so many different types of therapy, I was resigned to the fact I was always going to be restricted in my choices of ways to train, always fearfully avoiding certain exercises and being constantly aware of the niggling pain. I’m so grateful BST got recommended to me. Their alternative approach has given me a new lease of life. I am running with no pain again, have more energy and a much more fearless mindset . Thanks so much.


Brighton Sports Therapy have been a massive help through a difficult time with my complex and historical back problems. Their approach is holistic, connecting mind, body and spirit. His work helped me to recover and find new ways to deal with future back problems and look at the underlying cause. I would highly recommend them for both help with physical and emotional issues and will be sure to go back to them in the future should I require treatment.


I contacted Brighton Sports Therapy because I have RSI and didn’t feel in control of it. It has literally changed my life. They have a wonderfully kind and holistic approach – helping me to be more aware of how stress affects my body and teaching me techniques to manage it mentally and physically.


Brighton Sports Therapy fixed a long term problem in spite of me being a useless patient who doesn’t even know what a squat is. Don’t let the name fool you, they also help lazy idiots!


Everyone at this physiotherapy clinic is fantastic. I have nothing but praise for these therapists. If you are in need of physiotherapy this is a place you simply must go to.


I only needed 3 sessions to heal my shoulder but the sessions were more than just physio. Mark took a very holistic approach in healing my injury and has changed my whole perception on life, exercise and stress management. The sessions were worth every penny! I highly recommend.