Brighton Sports Therapy have been excellent in diagnosing and treating me. From the first treatment the pain relief and increase in mobility has been fantastic, enabling me to continue regular activity and sport.


I would highly recommend Brighton Sports Therapy – they’ve helped me immensely over the past 6 months keeping my body mobile and happily pain free whilst I’ve upped my training significantly for an ultra marathon this autumn. The benefits have far exceeded my expectations in originally seeking help for knee pain – instead improve my overall posture and body position. Thank you!


Having used a number of Sports Therapists over the years, Brighton Sports Therapy are by far the best and most knowledgeable. Most other therapists were threating the affected area with would only temporarily help the project. These guys began by looking at the wider problems and issues which were causing the problem to persist. I would highly recommend for anyone seeking any therapy.


Very impressed. My strange combination of endurance and high-impact sports has led to what feels like a fairly unique set of physical challenges. BST got to the heart of the problem straight away in my first appointment and took a lot of persistent pain away immediately.


From the first session Brighton Sports Therapy took a broader, more holistic view than I was used to and looked to identify and correct the imbalances that either led to my injury or resulted from it. I saw the progress clearly with each session. At all times I was given a realistic estimate of how many more sessions I would need. Before I knew it, not only was the injury healed but I felt more stable, balanced and stronger than before. I would recommend Brighton Sports Therapy to anyone.


These guys know their onions. After several Ironman events and too many marathons I was looking for someone to activate underused muscle groups and to help me feel less creaky overall. After sessions with BST I felt great and left with a whole new understanding of the human body. They shared a lot of new and interesting insights and gave me a series of treatment that really worked. Recommended