Life Coach Brighton and Hove - Alexander Butler

A Life Coach is the ally you’ve always wanted: somebody with the skills, focus and energy to inspire you and support you to make amazing changes in your life. Confidence, success, love, intimacy, money, self-esteem and happiness are waiting for you, if you’re willing to do what it takes, and if you get the right kind of advice.

My name is Alexander and I’ve been helping helping people to unlock their potential since 2013. I work with clients at Brighton Sports Therapy and on Skype.

I’ve developed an approach called Deep Coaching, which brings you a lot of things from traditional Life Coaching, including…

A Life Audit

Where are you now, what’s really going on in your life, what challenges are you facing, what do you want?

Planning bold steps

Your own personalised plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to be

Support to get moving

How to sidestep pitfalls, how to overcome the things that normally hold you back and support to begin taking your first meaningful steps into a new life

Review, tracking and motivation

You’ve begun to change your life, now you’ll get support to keep going, review what’s working and improve your plan to be even more effective


Self-knowledge & self-mastery

Who are you, really?  How do you access your greatest gifts, understand and control your feelings and become the best version of yourself?

Who are you and why do you make the choices you do?

What will let you make better choices now and for the rest of your life?

What is your roadmap to personal excellence?

How can you grow into a more effective, more confident, more whole individual, leader, lover or parent?

Your next personal leaps forward

Learn the skills and abilities that are missing in your life-portfolio

As your personal coach, I’m always on your side.  Your job, family or friends aren’t my focus: I’m there to help YOU and you’ll have my complete attention and support.  Whatever your goals and wherever you’re coming from, you’ll find a supportive ally who completely believes in your ability to change.

I have worked with people with all sorts of ambitions, and I’ve seen them unlock confidence, power and direction they never knew they had.  It’s an amazing thing to witness, and I’ve learned that everyone has the capacity to transform like this.  I’ve made it my life’s work to help my clients become deeply fulfilled and fully able to express themselves and their unique gifts.

You can find out more about my unique approach to life coaching on my website.