Swimming Injury Brighton – You Can Be Fixed!

Swimming Injury Brighton – What You Can Do

So you’ve got a swimming injury. Most likely you’re shoulder hurts. Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with Swimmer’s Shoulder by a physiotherapist? Or read something about it online? You’ve been swimming through it and it’s not going away. It might even be getting worse and you might be beginning to worry that it will never recover. You might have heard terms such as “rotator cuff”, “impingement”, “tendonitis” or even “sub-acromial bursitis” banded around – and they just sound bad!



All of these terms in themselves are not a diagnosis. They are merely terms used to describe pain in the shoulder. But the real question is why is there pain in the shoulder. It’s true that some conditions do exist whereby there is an issue within the shoulder joint. However, this is the vast minority. In about 90% of cases the shoulder is the scape goat and the real bio-mechanical cause lies somewhere completely different.

Muscles which affect the mechanics of the shoulder might not be working as required which puts more pressure on the shoulder itself which then gives you pain. With over 14 years experience dealing with all kinds of sports injuries – particularly shoulder problems with swimmers – we have the secrets to unlock your pain.

“Brighton Sports Therapy has been supporting my son since he began serious competitive swimming at the age of 12; my son is now a National level swimmer. Brighton Sports Therapy treats my son on a regular basis and have have helped my son overcome injury problems whilst still continuing his training program” – SH

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We’ve used our experience to produce a FREE guide to how to avoid injuries for swimmers here. We hope you find it useful. We’ve based the exercises on the common postural issues swimmers have which ultimately lead them to breaking down in training. Any feedback greatly received. If you’d like to see more information on swimming on the website then just drop us a mail.